Deciding what to do with your leftover frozen embryos can be one of the most overwhelming and difficult decisions of your life.


At Beautiful Pieces of Us, we provide support, encouragement, empowerment, and guidance to help you approach this area of your life, process your thoughts and feelings around your embryos, and start taking steps toward a resolution. We’ve found that most parents with leftover frozen embryos struggle with making a decision and live in painful limbo for years. This is why our mission is to provide you with hope and help you come to a decision that brings peace to your hearts. What our readers love most is the sense of comfort, safety, peace, and understanding they feel when they’re here. We warmly invite you to read our story, explore our blog, and join our growing community of parents just like you.

(Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part. We would love to help. Click here to download our free 10 Step Guide to help you take the first steps toward a resolution with your leftover frozen embryos and live with peace in your hearts.)

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