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Additional Blogs & Recommendations

Family Blogs

The Intentional Mom – Mom of nine (9), Jennifer, blogs to other parents about parenting, planning, saving, & spending. Her main categories include Proven Money Solutions, Simple Home Tips, and Daily Life Hacks. She’s been featured on  many media channels and several magazines. This woman knows what she’s talking about! Find her on FB by searching The Intentional Mom.

Embryo Donation Blogs

Embryo Donation Support – Mom to twins, Jennifer, blogs about her decision to donate her one remaining embryo, which resulted in a son. One of the best features of her blog is her group support classes that she offers periodically throughout the year for parents who have previously donated or who are seriously considering this option. Jennifer shares many testimonials from previous students. Find her on FB by searching Embryo Donation Support.

Embryo Donation FB Groups

Embryo Adoption & Donation Support Group – This group was created for donors and recipients who are in the beginning, middle of, or have completed the donation/adoption process. This is the largest and most active group of its kind on FB. I’m a member and have found this group to be very helpful to see the process from both sides (donor & recipient). If you’re ready to donate and are looking for a semi-open or open relationship, you can choose to upload your profile to the group so potential recipients can review your file and contact you. Many successful matches have been made through this process. However, my favorite part, being the parent who would potentially donate, is that the Admins are VERY careful to protect you from being solicited for your embryos unless you post that you’re looking for a match. Soliciting for embryos is grounds for termination from the group and they make this very clear.

Embryo Donation (Donors Only) – If you’d rather stick to a group that is strictly for donors only, this is the group for you. I am also a member of this group. Here you can learn all about the process of embryo donation from a donors point of view and express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a safe environment for donors only.